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Linen-backing, a three layer process:

First there's stretching canvas to a frame. -Then using archival quality paste, we apply a layer of acid-free (slightly buffered) paper. And finally, the third layer is the poster or print. The finished project is then trimmed with ample white borders.


The different posters include, movie, general advertising, theater, exhibition, travel, and World War.  Sometimes we deal with maps, natural history prints, illustrations and even the occasional watercolor painting.


Typical pricing: 

$50 minimum...

Movie poster 1-sheet, Travel =  27 x 41" = $110

Half-sheet or insert 20 x 30" = $75

Movie poster three-sheet 41 x 79" = $310

Six-sheet 80 x 80" = $690

Swiss 36 x 51" = $160

Italian dué or "two-sheet" 38 x 55" = $190

Italian quatro or "four-sheet" 55 x 77" = $310

French grande A-size 47 x 63" = $205

French 1/2-grande 32 x 47" = $110

For more price quotes, call or write.



All aspects of restoration like, touch-up, restoration, piece-in, airbrush and removing old lining or tape, is priced at $90 per hour. 





Discounts can be given for large orders, dealers or major collections.


If you have a question on cost, bring the piece in, or take pictures and ask questions. Price quotes can be given.


Often these fragile old items have areas of wear and tear. Typically, we add-back some of the small areas of lost color (Touch-Up), or where the paper has crumbled-off, we replace, from our inventory of scrap paper (Piece-In). Ultimately, we try to do as little as possible to the valued old items. We like to develop a dialogue with the customer in order to find the best approach to conserve and restore. 


Besides simple touch-up and piece-in, we can also provide safe washing, or in some extreme cases, bleaching. Also, in cases of severe staining or color/paper loss, we offer over-painting or airbrushing (using semi-permanent water-based acid-free, flexible guache paint).


Have a question, please ask. 


If you want to come by, drop-off or pick-up:

We have a limited staff who are often busy, It is best to call or write before arriving. Best days are Monday to Friday 10 to 5

503-583-3972 and

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